Style Spot

As a fashion lover, I'm always in search of outfit inspiration from as many sources as possible.

Taking style tips from celeb photoshoots is all well and good, but some of them wear such impractical clothing that just wouldn't be a good fit to my everyday life and workplace. 
While magazines offer some good ideas but they always seem to choose the most expensive pieces, which are way beyond the price range of your average high street shopper like myself. (£3,000 for a belt - what do I look like? Victoria Beckham?!)
So for budget friendly looks, I've recently taken to checking out the fashion pages of Pinterest! And my favourite part of this new found inspiration source is that many of the images (pinned largely from Polyvore or fashion blogs) are accompanied by links showing exactly where you can purchase the items yourself - fantastic!

So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post sharing some of my favourite Pinterest-ing outfit inspirations with you all:

 Nautical & Nice
A Pop of Mustard - Workwear

Tuxedo Chic

Summer Lovin' - Orange Ruffles

Winter Glamour - White Cape & Red Lip

Country Girl - Tweed Love

Military Princess


Aren't these outfits simply lovely? My favourite is definitely the Tuxedo chic look - I need a jacket that glam in my life!

Do you use Pinterest as a 'go to' style source? What favourite outfits have you pinned so far? Let me know in the comments and I'd love to check them out!


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