Hair Dilemma!

Hey everyone!
Every year I make a New Year's Resolution to do something new with my hair. And every year I get as far as the hairstylist's chair before succumbing to nerves and getting my usual boring haircut all over again.
But I've been gazingly longingly at Emma Stone's pretty side bangs for too long now - so this year I've made the same Resolution but am determined to go through with it! 
So to see if side bangs would work for my face shape, I thought I would give one of those online 'Hairstyle Tester' websites a try - where you upload your picture and virtually try out celebrity styles to see whether they suit you. 
Now the results are not exactly a masterpiece in photoshop skills - but they do the trick and give enough of a snapshot to prove to me that side bangs are definitely the hair trend I want to try out this year!  
Here are four styles I tried based on haircuts sported by gorgeous starlets such as Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst. I'd love to know your opinion on which suits me best before I commit to a hairdresser's appointment:
Option 1 - The 'Reese Witherspoon'

Option 2: The 'Emma Stone'

Option 3: The 'Eva Mendes'

Option 4: The 'Kirsten Dunst'
It's weird how each of these styles makes my face shape look very different, but I think they all show that side bangs will definitely help to soften my features a little more.
At the moment Option 3 'Eva' is my favourite, but Option 2 'Emma' looks like it would be much more manageable on daily basis. What do you think?
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