LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin

Ronin in Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin 

Pendant ce temps comprend les jeux de Lego pour les vétérans de jeux vidéo. Contrairement à la majorité des titres sous licence qu'ils offrent qui est habituellement une jolie haute qualité. Alors pourquoi se arrêter ce qui se développer?

Warner Bros Interactive a également poursuivi cette idée et a annoncé sans délai une nouvelle branche pour la Nintendo 3DS et la PlayStation Vita. LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin est le titre et raconte une histoire jusque-là inconnue de la série TV Ninjago. Les joueurs sont, comme on pouvait s'y attendre des jeux LEGO, les combats dans divers domaines, qui sont connus de la série TV Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games et The LEGO Group ont annoncé LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin, arrivant pour Nintendo 3DS et la PlayStationVita au printemps 2015. Le jeu est développé par TT Fusion, et raconte une histoire précédemment indicibles de la LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu émission de télévision.

"LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin sera jeu d'aventure le plus vaste à travers l'univers Ninjago que nous ayons jamais réalisés à ce jour», a déclaré Tom Stone, directeur général, TT Games. "Les enfants vont obtenir un coup de pied hors de jouer que leurs guerriers ninja favori battent un nouvel ennemi avec une panoplie de véhicules cool, mechs et même dragons!"

Le jeu voit une nouvelle menace, nommé Ronin, venez Ninjago. Avec l'aide de son armée de samouraïs sombre, Ronin vole la mémoire des Ninjas utilisant une arme ancienne appelée Obsidian Glaive. Le Ninjas oublier comment utiliser leurs pouvoirs élémentaires, et ce est aux joueurs de les aider à trouver leurs armes Obsidian, retrouver leurs souvenirs et de récupérer leurs pouvoirs avant Ronin complète son plan et libère un mal encore plus grand sur Ninjago.
Le jeu proposera lieux de la série de télévision, y compris le temple de glace, le Bogs toxique, et une nouvelle île, ainsi que le village de montagne de Spinjago, où les Ninjas sont actuellement en formation au Grand Sensei Dareth et Sensei Wu. Grâce à leurs capacités Spinjitzu, les joueurs peuvent déclencher puissance élémentaire de leur Ninja pour combattre les ennemis et résoudre des énigmes, et peuvent se associer et de créer des multi-élémentaire construit en utilisant le Tornado de la Création.

The only actress in history to win four Oscars: Hollywood prepares a biopic about Katharine Hepburn. 4 actresses that would be suitable for the role 

A film about the life and career of American actress Katharine Hepburn, a true legend of world cinema will soon be produced in Hollywood, informs 
The only actress in history to win four Oscars: Hollywood prepares a biopic about Katharine Hepburn. 4 actresses that would be suitable for the role 
ARTICLES Relationship 
Heartwarming story that was born the most famous lovers in movie history: why Spencer Tracy has not left his wife for Katharine Hepburn 
Heartwarming story that was born the most famous lovers in movie history: why Spencer Tracy has not left his wife for Katharine Hepburn 

The film project will be produced by a group of independent filmmakers and will be based on the novel "The Woman Who Was Hepburn Kate," written by William J. Mann. 

The film will be directed by Clare Beavan, based on a screenplay by Michael Zam and Jaffe Cohen, authors of a film script about the rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. The book "The Woman Who Was Hepburn Kate" shows early Katharine Hepburn spent in the film industry and its evolution from outsider status to that of super-star of Hollywood's Golden Age. 

What to do when you buy a product on the net and you are required PIN card? 
Earlier this year, company executives Reunion Pictures announced that they will produce a movie about the life of actress Katharine Hepburn and her love story 25 years with Spencer Tracy. Katharine Hepburn was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1907, was an American actress of theater, television and film, winner of four Oscars. American Film Institute ranked her place in a top of the largest film actors of the twentieth century. American actress died in 2003 at the age of 96 years. 

Hepburn remains so far the only actress who has won four Oscars lifetime, which can be added Golden Globe, Emmy and César. Among his memorable films include "The Lion in Winter / The Lion in Winter" (1968), "African Queen / The African Queen" (1950) and "Leopard Suzana / Bringing Up Baby". It has a total of 12 Oscar nominations including four won, performance surpassed only by Meryl Streep, who was nominated 18 times. 

  Cate Blanchett 
Cate Blanchett seems the best choice. Australian actress has all the qualities and is often compared with her, is its elegance, of talent and refinement reminiscent of the movie stars of the golden age. In fact, Blanchett and played it in the movie "The Aviator" and won the Oscar for Supporting Actress. 

  Amy Adams 
Amy Adams has shown in recent years that it is one of the most versatile actresses in Hollywood, culminating in the sensational role in "American Hustle" for which she was nominated for an Oscar. Other roles made ​​sensational and The Master, The Fighter, The Doubt. It has a total of five Oscar nominations yet. 

  Jessica Chastain 
Jessica Chastain had a really easy way to get famous and thrive in Hollywood, but in recent years has managed to give back moviegoers world, quickly becoming an actress sought and appreciated for her talent, and natural beauty. Fans consider it a real candidate for the role of Katharine Hepburn.

Product life cycle

Product life cycle

Product life cycle is a concept that attempts to describe the product sales and profits, consumers, competition and specific marketing actions undertaken in its appearance and until his removal from the market 21, or more specifically, the time between at launch a product in a particular market and that of its total withdrawal from the marketplace. 22

In essence, life cycle stages are launch, growth, maturity and decline. Many authors consider the process of product creation as a distinct stage of life cycle, placing it before the launch produsului.23
The product launch phase, the main objective of the company is to inform consumers about the appearance of the new product; costs in this stage are large, small sales and profits negligible, even negative. The product is presented in one of at most two variants, distribution, especially for expensive items such as cars is limited, selective.
Growth phase is characterized by a rapid increase in sales and profit; firm seeks to maximize market share and to create a strong brand. Consumers are numerous but many competitors and imitators appear. Businesses must diversify product range to expand distribution and boost brand preference.
The maturity stage sales volume stabilizes. The organization tries to maintain competitive advantage by improving product characteristics, extending the warranty and after-sale discounts. It achieves mass consumption but competition is at the highest level. Promotion is very intense and competitive.
The decline stage sales fall sharply as other replacement products appear on the market and consumers' interest in the product disappears. Enterprise check if there are opportunities to make a profit and follows the optimal time to abandon the product. The product line is limited to the most popular models, the distribution again becomes selective and promotional activities is limited to the product advertised reminder

Winter Wonderings...

Me & My Grandad at Brodsworth Hall & Gardens

  • That exciting feeling at the start of a new year - hope, opportunity and a brand new start! 
  • Driving home down scenic country roads with mist so eerie and heavy you can barely see the end of the car bonnet.
  • "If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?" - Inspiring quote of the month from Princess Merida (Brave)
  •  At last some snow - after two years of nothing but Somerset floods, this has made my year already! 
  • Saving the day at work with my Microsoft Excel skills - all while looking fabulously stylish in my new dogtooth heels! Fashionista in the making.
  • My 4 year old niece running around in a mini Snow White dress telling everyone she wants to be a Princess like Kate when she grows up. Aww!
  • Beautiful church bells ringing enchantingly over the fields near my office. The perfect way to celebrate a wedding.

Style Spot

As a fashion lover, I'm always in search of outfit inspiration from as many sources as possible.

Taking style tips from celeb photoshoots is all well and good, but some of them wear such impractical clothing that just wouldn't be a good fit to my everyday life and workplace. 
While magazines offer some good ideas but they always seem to choose the most expensive pieces, which are way beyond the price range of your average high street shopper like myself. (£3,000 for a belt - what do I look like? Victoria Beckham?!)
So for budget friendly looks, I've recently taken to checking out the fashion pages of Pinterest! And my favourite part of this new found inspiration source is that many of the images (pinned largely from Polyvore or fashion blogs) are accompanied by links showing exactly where you can purchase the items yourself - fantastic!

So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post sharing some of my favourite Pinterest-ing outfit inspirations with you all:

 Nautical & Nice
A Pop of Mustard - Workwear

Tuxedo Chic

Summer Lovin' - Orange Ruffles

Winter Glamour - White Cape & Red Lip

Country Girl - Tweed Love

Military Princess


Aren't these outfits simply lovely? My favourite is definitely the Tuxedo chic look - I need a jacket that glam in my life!

Do you use Pinterest as a 'go to' style source? What favourite outfits have you pinned so far? Let me know in the comments and I'd love to check them out!


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TAG: 10 Day 'You' Challenge!

Hey everyone!

Following on from my previous '10 Day 'You' Challenge' posts divulging my 10 Secrets, 9 Loves, 8 Fears, 7 Wants, 6 Places, 5 Foods and 4 Books - linked in case you're interested in checking them out.

Today's post focuses on my 3 Films and I thought it would be nice to include a favourite from each of my top three movie categories: chick flicks, big blockbusters and unique/arthouse flicks!

Here goes:

1. 13 Going On 30: My favourite 'go to' chick flick for when I need a little cheering up - I must have watched it a thousand times so far! The storyline is very sweet, I adore every one of Jennifer Garner’s fabulous outfits and Mark Ruffalo is an unexpectedly adorable male lead (especially when he's dancing to Thriller). So if you haven’t seen this rom-com yet, I would highly recommend it for a fun girly night in!

2. Lord of the Rings ‘Return of the King’: This has to be one of the best ‘big budget’ movies ever made (it’s up there with Avatar and the new Star Trek movie) and is by far the best in the trilogy IMO. The battles are staggeringly epic and I love that it ties off all the loose ends in the series – especially in the final scenes between Aragorn and Arwen which are just so beautiful!

3. Amelie: Filmed entirely in French (with English subtitles) and starring ‘cute-as-a-button’ Audrey Tautou as it’s lead, this quirky little film quickly found its way onto my all-time favourites list. The storyline is such a celebration of appreciating the little things in life and admiring people for their individuality – it really inspired me to think about the things in my own life that I perhaps ought to value a little more.

Let me know if you decide to do this Tag too and I'll look forward to learning your 3 Films!


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Floral Fancies!

The first payday in my new job is creeping ever closer and I've decided to buy myself a little treat for coping so well with all the recent changes to my life and routine.
Floral jewellery - and especially statement rings - seems to be a big trend on the High Street at the moment.
So when I spotted these pretty, uber-feminine flower rings in Accessorize the other day, I thought they would make the perfect little gift to myself after a hardworking month.
1. Accessorize - Paradise Cluster Ring - £10.00
2. Accessorize - Fleur Cluster Ring - £8.00
3. Accessorize - Rosy Posey Bouquet Ring - £10.00
Are you a fan of floral statement rings? Which one should I choose? Let me know your favourite in the comments!

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